5 Resources to Teach Kids about Lent

February 16, 2023 Concordia Publishing House

The season of Lent is a time to reflect on repentance, grow in love, and recognize Jesus’ work on the cross. Lent connects us to the Bride of Christ throughout all time and all places. It is historic. It is personal. However, that doesn’t mean that it is easy to teach! Let’s take a little pressure off of planning and look at 5 books to use during this Lenten season to teach kids what it means that God made us His through Jesus.

Church Year Connections

Church Year Connections C Church Year Connections seeks to connect children to the lectionary readings of the Church Year through resources that can be used in opening worship, in a church service or “children's church” experience, or in family devotions. When Sunday School lessons are not tied to specific calendar dates, you may not always have an opportunity to connect children to the historic Church Year. This resource aims to fill that void and provide congregations with a way to teach the lectionary. During Lent, utilize the “Object Lessons for Each Sunday” section to find creative ways to teach the readings each Sunday in Lent.

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Family Activity Calendar

562572-calendarEach year as part of the Lenten Worship theme, Concordia Publishing House releases a Family Calendar. This calendar features daily scripture readings, activities, discussion questions, helpful summaries, and more. By utilizing the calendar, parents will be able to confidently initiate Jesus-based conversations in their daily lives. It presents families with the opportunity to have quick, meaningful spiritual check-ins daily. This year’s theme, Promised Treasures, walks through 10 biblical elements that create opportunities to use all of our senses.

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Family Time

While Lent is known for being a time when we remove something from our lives to focus more on Jesus, once a practice has been removed from the day-to-day, encouraging families to add a devotional or prayer time can help create a routine that goes beyond the Lenten season. Family Time: A Collection of 98 Bible Stories and Devotions is a resource for parents and teachers alike. There are 2 categories of these devotions. One category is for specific times in the church year. The other category is based on answering children's questions. Introduce this book to your Sunday School classroom by finding the devotion for Ash Wednesday and offer parents the opportunity to use these devotions as well.


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Waiting in Wonder for Easter

562544 Holy Week is a high-profile week—even outside of Christian circles—so it’s no wonder it brings up so many questions for adults and children alike. Waiting in Wonder for Easter: Family Devotions for Holy Week by Gail Pawlitz allows groups to pause, reflect on, prepare for, wonder at, and anticipate all that will happen during the Holy Week narrative.

Each devotion includes something to learn, something to say, something to do, and something to pray, encompassing everything that Lent is preparing us for. 

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My First Catechism

During Lent, we study Jesus’ ministry here on earth. Jesus showed us during His human life how to live according to His Word. For centuries, Christians have been taught the faith and how to live it out using the catechism. During this Lenten season, use a catechism written for young children to help them understand the practices that occur during this time in the Church Year. My First Catechism has colorful illustrations alongside the same timeless truth that Martin Luther taught. Use this resource to find language that children understand to teach on Lent themes.


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Alongside these resources, nurture students’ faith with flexible Sunday School lessons that support learners at whatever stage of Bible learning they are at.

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