A God Exposed

A God Exposed

Today, we recall that the man Jesus, after being clothed in mock royal robes, had His own garments taken from Him in order to shame Him. But, unlike every other human, He had nothing to hide. His clothes were taken from Him; but we are given the robe of His own righteousness!

As we move through this season of Lent, it will become increasingly clear why God became man: He lived this physical life in order to be nailed to a cross. Thereby, we are truly preparing for the celebration of His real, bodily, flesh-and-blood resurrection. Without that, our faith and our preaching are all in vain. God the Son became the embodied, incarnate Son of Mary. In Jesus, God has human flesh, a body, just like us. What could be more profound? Behold the man, who has led the way for us through death to our own physical resurrection!

Bible Readings

Genesis 3:7-21 

John 19:1-5, 23-24


Devotions adapted from Behold the Man! Resources for Lent-Easter Preaching and Worship © 2018 Concordia Publishing House. Scripture: ESV®.

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