Through the Ages | A Guide to Nurturing Lifelong Faith

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MIDDLE SCHOOL HIGH SCHOOL YOUNG ADULTS ADULTS OLDER ADULTS God created, redeemed, and strengthens His people. Jesus died and rose to give eternal life. God is a faithful and loving Creator, Counselor, and Savior. He is unchanging. God gives me grace. He gives me His Word, where I can turn when I have questions. God never changes. He is a loving, caring, forgiving, and omnipresent Father. God is a constant, loving, ever-present God. He actively works throughout my life. I am chosen and redeemed. My neighbor includes coaches, peers, and strangers. I am uniquely created and loved by God. I can witness to others in my daily life. My neighbor is all over the world, anyone I interact with, whether in person on online. I can identify as a saint who will one day be reunited with Christ in heaven. Through Baptism, forgiveness, and God's saving work on the cross, I am not only God's child but I also have received the gift of eternal life. God is present in Baptism and Holy Communion. I can pray to God any time. God loves me unconditionally. Even when I have doubts, I can come to God with honesty. He hears me. Service opportunities can provide meaningful ways for me to interact with the world. God is actively present during Baptism and Holy Communion— tangible Means of Grace. I can discern where God promises to be present. I cultivate a close relationship with Him by spending time in His Word, through prayer, and by receiving the Lord's Supper. I hear God's Word and can ask questions. We encourage one another in church. God gives me what I need through the pastors, teachers, and volunteers at church. I can be a leader in my church and help with ministries others might not think about. God is at work through elders and ministry leaders who teach Bible studies. God works through the church's service to others as well. God uses the church to serve those in need globally. God is at work through my offering. God cares about my day, my feelings, and my future. Jesus loves me and saves me from sin. God took my punishment for sin, bringing me back into a relationship with Him. I am redeemed and loved by God. His grace for me is a free gift that impacts how I live. As a believer saved through the gift of faith, I respond by sharing this Good News with everyone. God has saved His people through the death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ; through Baptism, God welcomes believers into His family. I am called to do my best where I am placed. The Holy Spirit helps me make good decisions as I interact with friends. I get to love and serve the people around me by using the gifts and abilities that God gives me. I enjoy real community where I can feel safe and honest and loved by other people. I recognize God's work through pastors who share His Word and Sacraments, missionaries, and fellow believers who witness in their daily lives. God works through those who care for me, including family, pastors, therapists, doctors, and more. THROUGH THE AGES Nurturing Lifelong Faith © 2020 Concordia Publishing House

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