Stages of Life Development: Middle School

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Activities APPS AND MEDIA Don't be afraid to use your phone or other digital de- vice with apps as a tool—it's a great way to speak at the middle schoolers' level. Search and download apps for scavenger hunts, icebreaker games, Bible trivia, or text surveys. (Remember, at this age, not all students will have a digital device. Include everyone by doing things in a group or providing a computer or iPad as necessary.) INTERVIEW A CHRISTIAN Create a simple question-and-answer sheet (or have students come up with their own) and allow students to choose an adult Christian mentor to interview. Con- sider making it more challenging by excluding family members and church staff, or create your own twist. What does a mature and growing faith in Christ look like? Think about which adult mentors are put in the path of these teens at your church and help them make connections. RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS Brainstorm a list of random acts of kindness with stu- dents and challenge them (in groups or individually) to complete their list before the next time you meet. Ask them to record their interactions or take pictures of themselves doing their acts of kindness. BOX OF RANDOM OBJECTS Often, youth rooms have a box full of random (and pos- sibly silly) objects or props on hand. Such a box can come in handy for any lesson with this scenario: have each student reach into the box and choose one item. Ask them how they can share God's love using that item. Use the items in the box for skits, talking points, or other object lessons to help encourage middle schoolers to think on their feet. Kaitlin (Unruh) Bauer is a DCE (CUC '09) and has served in two calls with her DCE husband, Jeremiah. God has taken them and their two boys from Indianapolis to Florida to Texas. For ten years, Kaitlin has focused on confirmation and children's ministries. She resides near Dallas and enjoys watercolor painting, fall weather, music, volunteering, and being a stay-at-home mom. About the Author Middle School • 4 • cph.org • Copyright © 2019 Concordia Publishing House

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