Stages of Life Development: Early Elementary

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Early Elementary "They know they are children of God created in His image." MONICA KEGLEY During childhood, kids develop speech and vocabulary skills, learn how to share, and generate curiosity about the world around them. It's an exciting time because children begin reading and playing with groups of friends, and physical growth is very visible. As children transition into the early elementary stage, they are reading to learn, practicing coordination, and wanting to grow in their own relationship with Jesus. Every child develops at a different pace and can learn from not only their parents and teachers but also their peers. They are spending less time with their parents or guardians and experiencing new challenges while trying to connect and build relationships with peers. It is during these years that children will gradually develop new skills to easily relate to the world beyond their immediate family. Kids at this stage show curiosity not only through their actions but also by asking questions. Eight-year-old Noah knows that Jesus died on the cross for him and for the sins of the world. He is curious and asks more complex questions such as "If God created the world, then who created God?" He enjoys making new friends, and feeling included and accepted is very important. He demonstrates kindness to his peers by asking if those who are playing alone would like to join the game he is playing. Noah shows respect to his parents and teacher and wants to get his work done on time and do it well. He can be very anxious and worried if something does not go as he planned. He is still developing his understanding of the Means of Grace. He knows Jesus died to forgive his sins but often wonders if Jesus forgives the same sins over and over. He often needs reminders that there is nothing he can do that will make Jesus love him less. A Day in the Life Early Elementary • 1 • cph.org • Copyright © 2019 Concordia Publishing House

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