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2 SUNDAY SCHOOL In Sunday School, students experience God's great love for them in Jesus Christ. Programs promote biblical literacy by teaching students about the entire Bible. As students learn about life in Old Testament times, they learn why Jesus came to earth, died on the cross, and was resurrected. This knowledge sets up elementary students for confirmation, where they learn why it's important to personally confess their faith. In Sunday School, middle school and high school students build on their confirmation classes to learn how to defend their faith. Bible study lessons can give adults guidance on their devotions at home during the week, which they can use to teach family members or friends about the faith. Adult Bible class keeps parents connected to what their children are learning in Sunday School so they can review and reinforce the lessons at home. Adults who are educated during Bible study can also be empowered to teach in your church's other educational programs. VBS VBS provides a mission opportunity to children in your church's community. Some parents are more open to bringing children to a short-term learning opportunity than one that runs the full school year. VBS can lead new students and their families to attend worship and other educational opportunities, like Sunday School and adult Bible study. VBS students who do attend Sunday School regularly gain opportunities to explore their faith through music, games, and crafts when they may not have those opportunities during shorter Sunday School lessons. CONFIRMATION Confirmation classes prepare students to publicly affirm their faith. As students learn why faith matters and how to carry it with them throughout their lives, they develop a more personal relationship with God. Wrestling with hard questions about faith and seeing how their faith plays out in their daily lives prepares students to personally confess their faith. In Sunday School, confirmation students concurrently learn how to defend their faith. Consider asking confirmation students to help out during VBS, where they can practice teaching others about their faith. So Sunday School is most definitely worth the planning. VBS is absolutely worthwhile. And confirmation is so much more than just a rite of passage. Together, your church's education programs create a community of learning and service among congregants. While people can enter the community at any age or stage, each program serves a particular purpose to support individuals in their lifetime of faith. HOW YOUR CHURCH'S CHRISTIAN EDUCATION PROGRAMS WORK TOGETHER Is Sunday School worth all the planning for such a small class? Do students remember anything from VBS? Why should middle schoolers go through confirmation anyway? Each education program in your church builds on and supports the others. The various programs—Sunday School, VBS, confirmation, and others—work together to create a network of learning in which Christian disciples are raised up and sent to serve God and others. COMPREHENSIVE CHRISTIAN EDUCATION

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