Thank you, Lutheran teacher, for changing lives.

May 4, 2018 Sarah Maney

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As summer quickly approaches, you’re probably thinking about the year in review—or perhaps you’re simply looking forward to a relaxing summer. Either way, you’ve just spent a year putting your absolute all into teaching your kids, communicating with families, and preparing them for the future. And, as a Lutheran teacher, you know that just because the year has ended, your prayerful concern for your students hasn’t ended at all.

Thank you for pouring your time, energy, and compassion into the lives of students every day.

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Sarah Maney

Sarah Maney loves being part of children's ministry. A mother of two, Sunday School teacher, and avid fan of Vacation Bible School, Sarah loves helping children learn about Jesus. She has been a copywriter at Concordia Publishing House since 2012.

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