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  • A Flame in the Dark1:02

    A Flame in the Dark

    This Christian fiction novel by Sarah Baughman shows how the Reformation changed the world—and the lives of ordinary people! Purchase a flame in the dark at

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  • Last Summer at Eden0:55

    Last Summer at Eden

    Celebrate of camp songs, lifelong friendships, young love, and the Gospel message shared around a campfire with this Christian fiction book by Christina Hergenrader. Purchase the book online at https

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  • The Messengers: Revealed1:00

    The Messengers: Revealed

    There was a time when Simon knew nothing about the Message or what it meant to be a Messenger. Now, he has seen firsthand the cost of preserving the truth and upholding the light in the darkness. Sim

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  • Loving Isaac Book Trailer0:44

    Loving Isaac Book Trailer

    From author Heather Kaufman, Concordia Publishing House will release another novel that will tug on your heartstrings. Here’s a preview of Loving Isaac, which will release January 16, 2018. Pastor Ma

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  • Will The Real Jesus Please Stand Up?1:01

    Will The Real Jesus Please Stand Up?

    You can’t customize Jesus. You can’t just take a hammer and a chisel to the Jesus of the Bible and form Him into your own personal Jesus. Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up? not only reminds us who

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  • The Harvest Raise1:03

    The Harvest Raise

    It’s summer break in Bradbury—and that means cookouts, cornfields, and county fairs! But at Zion Lutheran Church, the changes and chances of life don’t take a vacation. Pastor Fletcher must learn to s

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  • The Messengers: Concealed1:06

    The Messengers: Concealed

    As soon as Simon discovered the Messengers, he set out to bring the truth they preserve to light. But the government calls this rogue organization the Darkness and is determined to do whatever it take

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  • The Story People  by Heather Kaufman1:04

    The Story People by Heather Kaufman

    When Ben Palermo inherited his uncle’s bookstore in small-town New Holden, Indiana, it was like stepping back in time. The nostalgia, however, is tainted by a painful past, one that Ben would rather l

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  • The Choir Immortal1:01

    The Choir Immortal

    The people of Zion are at it again. Two of their very own are getting married, and everyone is pleased as punch to be hosting Bradbury’s wedding of the century. Their collective joy is short lived,

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  • The Messengers: Discovered by Lisa M. Clark1:12

    The Messengers: Discovered by Lisa M. Clark

    The Messengers: Discovered by Lisa M. Clark from Concordia Publishing House The Message worth dying for . . . The government tells fifteen-year-old Simon Clay everything he needs to know. Except w

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  • The Executioner’s Redemption0:58

    The Executioner’s Redemption

    From Concordia Publishing House, The Executioner’s Redemption gives readers a gut-wrenching account of one man’s journey from executioner to pastor. After having participated in the executions of ov

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  • House of Living Stones - A Novel from Concordia Publishing House0:38

    House of Living Stones - A Novel from Concordia Publishing House

    Learn more about Katie Schuermann's novel House of Living Stones at In the quaint college town of Bradbury, change doesn't come often, and it certainly doesn't come easily. So wh

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  • Today's Light Devotional Bible (Trailer)0:17

    Today's Light Devotional Bible (Trailer)

    This special edition of God's Word divides each Bible book into easy-to-read sections that begin and end with devotional commentary. Plus, find new Biblical connections with 90,000+ cross references.

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  • Lutheran Bible Companion0:47

    Lutheran Bible Companion

    Read the Bible for all it's worth. Introducing the Lutheran Bible Companion, from Concordia Publishing House. No other book ties God's promises to specific people, places, times, and cultures like t

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